Camsell Portage

    Camsell Portage is a small community located on the northern shoreline of Lake Athabasca, approximately 35 km from the community of Uranium City. It remains the most northern and isolated community in the province and is only accessible by boat in the open water season and by air year round.

    Camsell Portage was settled by trappers who arrived during the 1900's from Lac La Biche, the Northwest Territories, and Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta who used it as a historical portage route to the north. During peak activities near Uranium City, Camsell Portage had a population of over 300 people (pers. comm. Philippe Steene). Today, between 8 to 15 residents remain in Camsell Portage year-round. The community continues to maintain an airstrip, a northern settlement office, church, and school (now used as a health center and community hall). No mining activity has taken place in the area, however; currently there are operating hydroelectricity generating stations in the Athabasca region nearby the community of Camsell Portage on the Waterloo, Wellington, and Charlot river systems.