May 27th, 2015 - The Eastern Athabasca Regional Monitoring Program (EARMP) is attending and presenting to the Northern Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Committee (NSEQC) in La Ronge.

As an advisory committee of the provincial government, the NSEQC gives Northerners a voice on environmental, socio-economic, and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) issues in regards to the northern Saskatchewan uranium industry (from exploration to decommissioning). Although not a regulatory body, the NSEQC is a well informed and well respected group which assists in the free flow of information and understanding among communities, industry, and government. The main responsibility of NSEQC representatives is to bring community issues, concerns, and recommendations on the uranium industry to this forum and in turn to bring information, decisions, and directions back to their communities.

An update on the EARMP program to the NSEQC provides an opportunity to facilitate the communication of the results of the of the program and to answer any questions or concerns of community members in relation to the monitoring program moving forward.